Pool Pumps, Inground and Aboveground Swimming Pool Pumps for Residential and Commercial Pools

Swimming Pool Pumps

There are three main types of swimming pool pumps: Single Speed, Dual speed and Variable speed.

Single Speed Pool Pumps:  Single speed pumps operate at only one speed - high. They are available in a variety of HP and are suitable for any pool pumping needs, but lack the flexibility and energy efficiency of dual speed or variable speed pumps. They can only be either on or off.

Dual Speed Pool Pumps:  Dual speed pumps have a high and a low speed. The high speed is used when more power is needed for functions such as running a pool cleaner, but the pump runs at low speed for general pool filtration. Because they are capable of operating at a lower speed, they consume less energy. Many local utility companies offer rebates for the purchase of dual speed or variable speed pumps. Some places even require pool pumps to be either dual speed or variable speed. California, for example, requires that pool pumps be Title 20 Compliant - this means they have dual speed or variable speed motors. Spa pumps are typically dual speed as well.  Spa pumps use the low speed for filtration and the high speed to operate the jets.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps:  Variable speed pool pumps have motors capable of operating at multiple speeds. By using the lowest speed suitable for the task at hand, they maximize the energy efficiency of your pool pump and save you money on your energy expenses. Variable speed pumps are an investment that reaps rewards season after season in energy savings and they are also more environmentally friendly.